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Jackie 10 Months

I have been feeling guilty lately for the lack of pictures there are to remember Jack’s first year. I know that this tends to happen with youngest children, but having a mom as a photographer, my bet is Jack is going to feel gypped. The reason I feel so bad is that it really only takes about 10 minutes of one on one time with him to get a few good shots. He is such a happy little man, so usually he is pretty camera ready. Today I made it a point to take him up to my room and document him at 10 months…

Merry Christmas Twenty Ten

We had a great Christmas this year. It went by way too fast. I feel as though I didn’t get a chance to record or share much of our doings, but I relished in watching my boys enjoy this enchanting time of year.

boxes are always a hit while waiting for the presents to be assembled…

Serious Stuff

to a certain little three year old, playing the snow is serious, serious stuff.

tavin’s first crush

tavin told me this morning that he has a crush on a girl. of course i thought he had no idea what that meant, being that he is only 5 years old! i asked him, “what is a crush?” to which he replied “when you love someone in secret.” next i asked him what he loved about this girl. he said “she is so cute, she is nice to me, and she gives me squeeze hugs!” so i asked him if there was anything else that he loved about her, and here was the kicker…

“oh mom, you will KNOW when you see her!”

it’s the end of september

and we are ready for halloween. halloween is a big deal in our house. it seems like once it is out in stores, it is up in our house and our boys are all dressed up. oliver is a halloween fiend. so far he has four costumes this year…luigi, a penguin, a spider, and batman. we go through multiple costume changes daily. i wonder which one will win out on the big day.

if you will notice, that is not a hat. it is a mask that is supposed to go o v e r his face. yes, his head is a little on the large side.

i would like to emphasize batman’s skill in summer-saults at the end of the video…

jack 6 months